Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced a re-elected Harper government would renew the mandate of the Canadian Partnership against Cancer for five years from 2017.

"Millions of Canadians are affected by cancer, either through a personal struggle or supporting a loved one who suffers from this devastating disease, said the Prime Minister. Our support to the Canadian Partnership against Cancer is part of our ongoing commitment to ensure that Canadians and their families are healthy, and fund cutting-edge cancer research to find a cure. "
Harper Government launched the Canadian Partnership against Cancer in 2006 and has renewed its five-year term in 2007. The Partnership does invaluable work and produce concrete results. For example, it can reduce new cases of cancer among Canadians, improve the quality of life of those suffering from this disease and increase the likelihood of surviving cancer. 
The support of the Conservative government to the Canadian Partnership against cancer illustrates our continued commitment to the public health system, universal and sustainable Canada, and our respect for provincial jurisdiction over health care delivery.  
"Our government is committed to a public health system, universal and sustainable," said Prime Minister Harper, highlighting the strong balance sheet of the government's support for advanced research on cancer and other diseases, stable and sustainable increase in the CHST health.
"Justin just is not capable of managing Canada's finances and ensure that health transfers continue to increase while the budget remains balanced and that the tax burden is low, said the Prime Minister. When the Liberal Party was in government, he reduced the deficit by slashing health care transfers to the provinces, directly affecting health services to Canadians. "
"Thomas Mulcair and NDP say they will spend more on health transfers, but they have not said how they would finance such expenditure, added the Prime Minister. If we look at its record in many provinces, the NDP will make expenditures out of control, ruining the economy and creating economic chaos. We can not have a strong health system without a strong economy. That is why Canadians who need our health care system simply can not afford Mulcair and the NDP. "