Our Leader Erin O'Toole


Erin O'Toole was born in Montreal, QC, and grew up in the middle-class in Bowmanville, ON. When Erin was 18 he enrolled in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and attended the Royal Military College. During his career in the RCAF he worked across Canada. His basic training took place in Chilliwack BC; he earned his wings in Winnipeg, MB; and served as a tactical navigator in Halifax, NS. During his time with the RCAF, Erin also participated in search and rescue missions on Sea King helicopters.

Erin retired from the military after 12 years of service. Erin spent the next decade working as a corporate lawyer in the private sector. Erin is a founding member of the True Patriot Love Foundation which serves military families and veterans across Canada.

He was first elected to represent Durham in the 2012 by-election. He was then re-elected in both 2015 and in 2019. During the Harper government, Erin served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade and then became the Minister of Veterans Affairs.

Before being elected as the Leader of Canada's Conservatives he served as the Conservative Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs for two years.

Erin is married to Rebecca and they have two children, Mollie and Jack and a dog named Wexford.


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